Industry-specific Fulfillment

With 6 manufacturing facilities across the United States and partnerships with over 60 different cold storage facilities, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions provides custom just-in-time frozen and refrigerated products. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has experienced and dedicated cold chain consultants that are ready to work on your challenges.

Step 1: Consultation & Forecasting
Our process begins by fully understanding customer specifications, like size, shape and time requirements that are unique to each company. Frequency and product volume per release is critical to ensuring fully frozen product. Typically, we begin working with customers 6-8 weeks in advance of planned use.

Step 2: Production & Conditioning
Manufacturing, shipping, and freeze time can take 4-6 weeks. With Nordic Cold Chain Solutions labs, our team of engineers design and test solutions to ensure packages maintain quality, consistency, and temperature for the strict demands of the cold chain industry. We regularly audit freezers and logistics companies to ensure their facilities and programs meet Nordic’s specifications.

Step 3: Inventory Management & Logistics
Inventory management and logistics programs are tailored to meet client demands. Typically, a managed conditioned inventory program requires a minimum of 1 truckload per month. Most programs utilize regularly scheduled deliveries, but deliveries can be adjusted to meet on-demand needs as well.

At Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, we’ve been managing frozen/conditioned programs for over 17 years. We can accommodate your specific business needs and scale rapidly with you.