Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is committed to the environment by using the most responsible materials possible, including recyclable gel packs, recyclable shippers and mailers, and by offering enhancements like water soluble refrigerant for both the pharmaceutical and meal-kit industries.

Sustainable Shippers

Our two-piece box liner sustainable thermal shipper design sets up quickly and requires a fraction of the space necessary than traditional EPS foam packaging. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions sustainable insulated packaging is biodegradable and even compostable. This reduces the carbon footprint of the product and provides a truly sustainable and eco-friendly option.

Sustainable Cotton Shippers

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ Sustainable Cotton Shippers are made with biodegradable and compostable insulation made from recycled cotton. The insulation is wrapped in white poly film. The film has additives that help to facilitate bio-disintegration, typically within 18 months. The 2-panel box liner insulation is available with corrugated boxes and is approved for use with any Nordic Ice refrigerant product.

Temperature Range

Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen

Ideal For

Food and pharmaceutical parcel shipments. Overnight to 3 day shipments.

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