Polyurethane Cooler Boxes

Polyurethane Cooler Boxes

Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen


Pharmaceutical, chemical, biologic, and food shipments where added longevity in transit is essential.

Nordic’s polyurethane cooler boxes are a fantastic way to ship products ranging from pharmaceutical, chemical, biologic, and food! It is made of expanded polyurethane that protects your shipments against any kind of damage. This shipping cooler is perfect for items that require added longevity over a long distanc

Part No.Interior DimensionExterior Dimensions (Box Size)Material/StyleWall Thickness
NPUR7557 x 5 x 510 x 8 x 8Polyurethane - A/B Flat Pack Liner1.5''
NPUR8888 x 8 x 812 x 12 x 12Polyurethane - Uni-Body2.0''
NPUR9779 x 7 x 712 x 10 x 10Polyurethane - A/B Flat Pack Liner1.5''
NPUR108610½ x 8 x 6½16 x 13⅛ x 12½Polyurethane - Uni-Body2.5''
NPUR129912 x 9 x 915 x 12 x 12Polyurethane - A/B Flat Pack Liner1.5''
NPUR12121212 x 12 x 1215 x 15 x 15Polyurethane - Uni-Body1.5''
NPUR13131313 x 13 x 1317 x 17 x 17Polyurethane - A/B Flat Pack Liner2''
NPUR148914 x 8 x 9½19 x 13 x 15¼Polyurethane - Uni-Body2.5''
NPUR14141414 x 14 x 1417 x 17 x 17Polyurethane - A/B Flat Pack Liner1.5''
NPUR15101515 x 10 x 15½19⅝ x 15¼ x 21⅕Polyurethane - Uni-Body2.5''
NPUR16161616 x 16 x 1620 x 20 x 20Polyurethane - A/B Flat Pack Liner2.0''
Custom options are available for all Nordic products.

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