Cotton & Expansion Insulated Mailers


Ambient, refrigerated, frozen


1-2 day shipments of medical samples, food, and perishables.

Cotton and expansion insulated envelope mailers provide protection and reduction of heat transfer for fragile and perishable products. Insulated mailers save storage and shipping space over rigid foam packaging materials, in addition to saving waste. Cotton insulated mailers are both recyclable and biodegradable.

Part No.SizeThicknessMaterialPCS per Carton
NC69M056 x 9½''Recycled Cotton180
NC811M18 x 111''Recycled Cotton64
NC811M158 x 111½''Recycled Cotton56
NC1014M110 x 141''Recycled Cotton36
NC1014M1510 x 141½''Recycled Cotton30
NC1319M1513 x 191½''Recycled Cotton16
NF911M1CS729 x 111''Foam Expansion72
NF911M138CS729 x 111⅜''Foam Expansion72
NF1214M1CS4812 x 141''Foam Expansion48
NF1214M138CS4812 x 141⅜''Foam Expansion48
NF1418M1CS2414 x 181''Foam Expansion24
NF1418M138CS2414 x 181⅜''Foam Expansion24

Insulated Mailers

Insulated mailer envelopes are lightweight, freight saving, durable, and designed with a spacious payload chamber for your temperature-sensitive needs. Ideal for medical samples, food, and perishables.

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