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Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen


Parcel Shipments 24-48 hr duration

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions offers a wide variety of thermal packaging options, including EPS shipping coolers. These coolers are ideal for temperatures ranging from ambient to frozen, and they’re best used for parcel shipments that have a 24- to 48-hour duration.

Nordic’s EPS shipping coolers are a fantastic way to ship frozen and refrigerated products. These foam coolers can help guarantee the proper delivery of a variety of products. They can not only ensure the quality delivery of foods, meats, and desserts, but they can also be used to ship medications, beauty supplies, and other temperature-sensitive products that have a short transportation time.

Because these shipping coolers are made from expanded polystyrene, your products are protected against any kind of damage, including tearing or puncturing. They also save on shipping because of their lightweight design, making them ideal for routine or recurring deliveries.

Our EPS shipping coolers are available in two different options. They can be utilized as foam only options, or they can be purchased as kitted solutions by adding a corrugated box. We also offer many premade sizes, ranging from 6 x 4 x 5 to 21 x 13 x 12. However, if your business needs a specific solution that doesn’t come in a premade size, we can make a custom product for you. Our cold chain shipping experts can counsel you in developing a specific and unique solution for all of your cold chain shipping needs.

Part No. (Cooler Only)Part No. with BoxInterior DimensionExterior Dimension (Box Size)Wall Thickness
NEPS645CNEPS645K6¼ x 4⅝ x 59¼ x 7⅞ x 8⅙
NEPS864CNEPS864K8 x 6 x 4¼11 x 9 x 7¼
NEPS867CNEPS867K8 x 6 x 711 x 9 x 10
NEPS868CNEPS868K8 x 6 x 811 x 9 x 11
NEPS869CNEPS869K8 x 6 x 9¼11 x 9 x 12¼
NEPS8610CNEPS8610K8¼ x 6¼ x 10½11⅝ x 9⅝ x 14
NEPS968CNEPS968K9 x 6 x 8¼12⅝ x 9¼ x 11¼
NEPS1089CNEPS1089K10⅝ x 8⅝ x 9¼131316 x 111316 x 12¼
NEPS1187CNEPS1187K11 x 8¼ x 7¼14¼ x 11½ x 10¾
NEPS1189CNEPS1189K11516 x 81316 x 9¼14¼ x 11¾ x 12¼
NEPS12107CNEPS12107K12 x 10 x 715516 x 13516 x 10¼
NEPS12109CNEPS12109K12 x 10 x 9151316 x 13916 x 12¼
NEPS121213CNEPS121213K12 x 12 x 1316 x 16 x 16
NEPS13106CNEPS13106K13⅛ x 10⅛ x 631616⅙ x 13⅛ x 9
NEPS14109CNEPS14109K14⅛ x 10¼ x 9½17¾ x 13⅞ x 12⅞
NEPS141310CNEPS141310K14¼ x 13½ x 10¾17¼ x 16½ x 13¾
NEPS161210CNEPS161210K15¾ x 11¾ x 10¾ 20 x 16 x 13⅞
NEPS171210CNEPS171210K17 x 12 x 1020516 x 15516 x 13
NEPS17149CNEPS17149K17 x 14 x 9½20¼ x 17¼ x 12½
NEPS17910CNEPS17910K17½ x 9⅛ x 10⅝ 20⅞ x 12½ x 13⅝
NEPS171411CNEPS171411K17 x 14 x 11½20¼ x 17¼ x 14½
NEPS181211CNEPS181211K18 x 12⅝ x 1121¾ x 16¼ x 14
NEPS201313CNEPS201313K20⅜ x 13 x 131516231516 x 16⅝ x 17
NEPS201314CNEPS201314K20½ x 13¼ x 1424 x 16¾ x 17

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