Insulated Foil Bubble Box Liners

insulated foil bubble box liners

Ambient, refrigerated, frozen


Products more tolerant to temperature extremes and internal temperature excursions. For short shipping distances up to 24 hours.

Box liners made with a reflective foil bubble material. These liners contain a nylon barrier to prevent odor transfer, a reflective shell to reduce radiant heat transfer, and are leak resistant. Liners are collapsible for easier transport and maneuverability. May be used with refrigerant packs or as an additional layer of protection within an insulated shipper. Our insulated foil bubble box liners are ideal for short distance shipments with a 24 hours or less timeframe. Easily disposable, resists cracking or breaking, and provides unparalleled temperature-control performance.

Part No.SizeMaterialPCS per Carton
NRB666L756 x 6 x 6Mylar Bubble75
NRB867L758 x 6 x 7Mylar Bubble75
NRB869L758 x 6 x 9Mylar Bubble75
NRB886L508 x 8 x 6Mylar Bubble50
NRB888L508 x 8 x 8Mylar Bubble50
NRB8817L258 x 8 x 17Mylar Bubble25
NRB955L509 x 5½ x 5½Mylar Bubble50
NRB101010L2510 x 10 x 10Mylar Bubble25
NRB1186L2511 x 8 x 6Mylar Bubble25
NRB12109L2512 x 10 x 9Mylar Bubble25
NRB12126L2512 x 12 x 6Mylar Bubble25
NRB121212L2512 x 12 x 12Mylar Bubble25
NRB1399L2513 x 9 x 9Mylar Bubble25
NRB131315L1513 x 13 x 15Mylar Bubble15
NRB131110L5013½ x 11 x 10Mylar Bubble50
NRB141010L1514 x 10 x 10Mylar Bubble15
NRB141012L2014 x 10 x 12Mylar Bubble20
NRB14128L2014 x 12 x 8Mylar Bubble20
NRB141414L1514 x 14 x 14Mylar Bubble15
NRB151312L4015 x 13 x 12Mylar Bubble40
NRB161616L1516 x 16 x 16Mylar Bubble15
NRB16148L1516⅚ x 14716 x 8½Mylar Bubble15
NRB18126L2518 x 12 x 6Mylar Bubble25
NRB181212L1518 x 12 x 12Mylar Bubble15
NRB181818L1018 x 18 x 18Mylar Bubble10
NRB211410L5021 x 14 x 10Mylar Bubble50
NRB221412L1522 x 14 x 12Mylar Bubble15
NRB241216L1024 x 12 x 16Mylar Bubble10
NRB241818L1524 x 18 x 18Mylar Bubble15

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