Nordic Ice® Gel Packs


Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen


Applications requiring a durable and long-lasting solution with the need to be easily disposed of after use.

Nordic Ice® gel refrigerant packs are durable, reusable, long lasting polymer ice packs that provide temperature sensitive protection for the safe transport of food, pharmaceuticals and medical products. Nordic Ice® gel packs come in a variety of sizes depending on your specific needs. If you can’t find a size that suits you, please visit our page on custom solutions.

Product No.Oz. Wt.Dimensions (Inches)PKs/CsCs/Plt
NI333¼ x 4 x ⅝19250
NI444 x 4 x ¾14450
NI665½ x 4 x ¾9650
NI886½ x 4 x ¾7250
NI12126 x 5½ x 14850
NI16166½ x 5½ 13650
NI24247½ x 5½ x 1¼2450
NI323210½ x 5½ x 1¼1850
NI484810½ x 7½ x 1¼1250
Custom options are available for all Nordic Ice products

Our Gel Packs

Our customers ship products ranging from medications and vaccines to exotic meats and chocolate to fresh and frozen foods. Nordic Ice® gel packs provide a precise climate ensuring the delicate cargo is properly delivered.

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