Nordic Ice® Bricks


Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen


Pharmaceutical packages or applications where longevity in transit and/or tight packout tolerances are essential.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ trademarked ice bricks are semi-rigid foam brick refrigerants that hold their shape during freezing, thawing, and transit. Our cold chain experts have developed a brick that maintains packaging configurations throughout the distribution cycle.

Each of these bricks is injected with a specific amount of coolant, and then it is vacuum sealed to ensure consistent weight and performance. These bricks are ideal for temperatures ranging from ambient to frozen, but they excel in situations where longevity in transit or tight and consistent packout tolerances are essential.

Because these ice bricks have been designed for long transit, they are ideal for situations such as international travel or cross-country travel. They are most suited for pharmaceutical packages but can be used for other applications, such as shipping frozen foods or beauty supplies. They can also be used in situations where space is valuable. Especially when it comes to shipment sizes and sustainability, utilizing space-saving ice bricks can reduce shipping costs and save your business money over time.

Nordic Ice® Bricks come in standard sizes that range from 4×4 to 10×12. However, if you need custom solutions, our engineers can develop a product that fits your specific business needs at an affordable and competitive price.

Product No.Oz. Wt.Dimensions (Inches)PKs/CsCs/Plt
NB77.54½ x 4 x ¾7250
NB15154½ x 4 x 1½3650
NB18188¼ x 5½ x ¾2650
NB23235 x 5 x 1¾2050
NB24246½ x 4¼ x 1½2450
NB31299 x 4 x 1½1850
NB565611¼ x 9¼ x 11248
NB646410½ x 7 x 1¾1050
Custom solutions are available for all Nordic Ice products.

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