Design-Tested Cotton Shippers


2°C to 8°C or Frozen


Vaccines, pharmaceuticals and biological specimens.

Nordic Express™ Design-Tested EPS 2-8°C and Frozen shippers are designed and tested to meet ISTA 7E requirements. Their multi-component packing configuration ensures protection for refrigerated products or ensures product arrives frozen for 1- to 2-day shipments. These features make them a perfect fit for a cold box vaccine carrier. Nordic Express™ shippers are available in multiple sizes to accommodate most payloads. They’re designed and tested for both summer and winter transit conditions. Our EPS Frozen shippers are tested for -20°C, -60°C, and -70°C thresholds.

DescriptionCorepack Inside Dimensions*Shipper Outside DimensionDuration (hours)Tare Weight***
866 Cotton Summer4⅞ x 3⅜ x 1¾**11¼ x 9¼ x 9⅜406.44 lbs
866 Cotton Winter4⅞ x 3⅜ x 1¾**11¼ x 9¼ x 9⅜565.02 lbs
1086 Cotton Summer8 x 6½ x 2⅝14 x 12 x 10508.7 lbs
1086 Cotton Winter8 x 6½ x 2⅝14 x 12 x 10484.1 lbs
1086 Cotton Frozen6 x 41316 x 214 x 12 x 9¾5615.4 lbs
12109 Cotton Summer10⅜ x 9¼ x 2⅝15⅛ x 13⅜ x 12½5114.1 lbs
12109 Cotton Winter10⅜ x 9¼ x 2⅝15⅛ x 13⅜ x 12½486.2 lbs
12109 Cotton Frozen8 x 6¾ x 4⅞15⅛ x 13⅜ x 12⅝6625.2 lbs
121212 Cotton Summer10¼ x 7¾ x 4½15¼ x 15¼ x 15½5017.6 lbs
121212 Cotton Winter10¼ x 7¾ x 4½15¼ x 15¼ x 15½489.6 lbs
121212 Cotton Frozen8 x 8¾ x 6⅞15⅜ x 15⅜ x 15 13165227.5 lbs
*Corepack = available payload area
**866 Summer & Winter Packout does not include a corepack. Dimensions are of the payload area only
***Tare weight is the weight of the packout without the payload.

Design-Tested Solutions

Ideal for pharmaceutical, biological, high value commercial, and R&D shipments.

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