Nordic Ice® Regular Gel Packs

15 Years as an Industry Leader Making Gel Packs Nordic is the industry leader in manufacturing Gel Packs, manufacturing hundreds of millions of units per year.   Durability Nordic Ice® gel refrigerant packs are durable, reusable, long lasting polymer ice packs that provide temperature sensitive protection for the safe transport of food, pharmaceuticals and medical […]

Nordic Ice® No Sweat Gel Packs

No Sweat gel packs are designed with a multi-layered exterior that minimizes surface condensation. The ability to absorb the condensation created during transit ensures that moisture sensitive products arrive in the condition intended. Mitigates the moisture content for sensitive labels.

Nordic Ice® Linked Gel Packs

Our linked configuration is food-grade, biodegradable gel pack product that features a gel-like texture and maintains a consistent shape during freezing. Ideal for applications where product space and refrigerant space are critical. Linked gels can be made in a variety of sizes with a Poly or No Sweat exterior. Cellulose-based formulation that allows for it […]

Nordic Ice® Flex Therapeutic Gel Packs

Nordic Ice® Flex Therapeutic Gel Packs are designed for re-usable therapeutic treatment. Able to be used warm or cold, these packs can lie flat or flex around the joint for optimum benefit. Perfect for areas like neck, elbows, back, etc…that require a bendable product for maximum benefit. Flex Therapeutic Gel Packs condition quickly. The unique […]