Nordic Express Winter Shipper

Temperature Range

2°C to 8°C

Ideal For

2°-8°C refrigerated temperature shipping within 24-48 hour shipping lanes.

Both summer and winter packouts utilize the same corepack and insulation with the variable being the type of refrigerant and void fill used. Summer and winter packouts come in four options: 867 EPS Express Cooler, 1086 EPS Express Cooler, 12109 EPS Express Cooler, and the 121213 Express Cooler.

Please view sizing information below and consult with the Nordic Cold Chain Solutions team at 866-427-1919 to select the solution that is right for you.

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About Our Pre-Tested Solutions

Our pre-tested shippers have been engineered to meet your refrigerated temperature (2°-8°C) shipping needs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Nordic Cold Chain Solutions creates high-quality solutions for customers but also creates the best products possible for the environment. From compostable gels to recyclable packaging, learn about our commitment.

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