We have put together our more frequently asked questions here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we have a dedicated and hardworking customer service team that can help answer any question you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I eat/drink Nordic Ice?

    Nordic products are designed to keep items temperature-controlled during shipping and are not intended for consumption. Therefore, they should not be consumed. 

  • Can I use the contents in the pack to water my flowers?

    We have not tested our products for this use. Therefore, cannot recommend it.

  • Can you recycle Nordic Cold Chain Solutions gel packs?

    Nordic Cold Chain Solutions supports sustainability by offering a fully recyclable option called Nordic Ice Drain Safe™. Learn more.

  • Can your ice packs be used on body parts?

    Nordic products are designed to keep items temperature-controlled during shipping and are not intended for purposes outside of shipping. Therefore, ice packs should not be used on body parts.  

  • Do Nordic bricks stay frozen longer than gel packs?

    Possibly, but there are many shipping variables which determine how long gel ice packs last or how long a brick stays frozen. The primary advantage of our brick is the bricks ability to keep a consistent shape & they fit in tighter spaces. Typically you will see longer duration for brick product versus standard gels. 

  • Do you have any alternatives to coolers?

    We have a variety of alternative, including Pallet Shippers, Thermal Pouches (both 2D & 3D), Insulated pallet covers, Insulated shipping coolers and more. Depending on your individual application/requirement we can propose and supply various alternatives. 

  • Do you have multiple locations throughout the U.S.?

    Yes, we have 6 strategically located manufacturing facilities across the country. Each of our locations utilizes the same process allowing us to create redundancy ensuring our products meet the same high manufacturing standards. 

  • Do you take credit cards?

    Yes, we accept all major credit cards. 

  • How do I ship Dry Ice using FedEx?
    PackagingDry ice releases carbon dioxide gas which can build up enough pressure to rupture the packaging. You must ensure the packaging you use allows the release of this pressure to prevent rupturing the package.
    • Do not use steel drums or jerricans as outer packaging, and do not place dry ice within sealed plastic bags
    • Use good quality fiberboard (corrugated cardboard), plastic or wooden boxes. FedEx branded packaging may not be used
    • A layer of Styrofoam within a box works well as insulation. Ensure the Styrofoam IS NOT sealed to be airtight
    • Maximum amount of dry ice per package is 200kg
    • Dry Ice OR Carbon Dioxide Solid
    • UN 1845
    • Net quantity of dry ice in the package or overpack in kilograms (1kg = 2lb)
    • Name and address of both send and recipient
    • Class 9 label required – do NOT write inside diamond border of label
    • Class 9 labels (and FedEx Express Dry Ice labels) with or without the horizontal line are both allowed
    • You can use attached Class 9 label sample but DO NOT print it in reduced size
    • Minimum dimensions: 100X100mm, Symbol (Seven vertical stripes in upper half): Black, Background: White
    DocumentationIn Special Handling section, check “Yes, Shipper’s Declaration not required” and “Dry Ice” then indicate the number of packages and the net quantity of dry ice in kilograms

    For more detail, visit https://www.fedex.com/en-us/shipping/how-to-ship-perishables.html#2

  • How do I ship Dry Ice using UPS?
    Note: Dry ice shipments are not regulated for ground transport, so simply process these shipments to / from the U.S. 48 contiguous states as you would any UPS Ground shipments
    Preparing Dry Ice Shipments under IATA or 49 CFR – U.S. Domestic Air Shipments
    Diagnostic or Medical Treatment purposes (prepared under 49CFR)Non-medical, non-hazardous packages with =<2.5 kg (5.5 pounds) of dry iceNon-medical packages with > 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds) of dry ice IATA or 49CFR
    • No hazardous material agreement required
    • No hazardous material shipping papers required
    • No acceptance audit is performed
    • No Hazardous Material accessorial charges are applied
    Acceptance audit is performed
    MarkingMark outer carton with:
    • “Dry Ice for Medical Purposes or “Dry Ice for Diagnostic Purposes”
    • Amount of dry ice contained in package
    Mark outer carton with:
    • “Dry Ice” or “Carbon Dioxide, Solid
    • “Description of non-hazardous contents (e.g. food, meat)
    • “Amount of dry ice contained in package OR statement that there is 2.5kg (5.5 pounds) or less in package
    Mark outer carton with:
    • “Dry Ice, or “Carbon Dioxide, Solid” and “UN1845”
    • Amount of dry ice contained in the package in KG
    DocumentationNo other paperwork is requiredApply Class 9 diamond hazard label (optional for 49CFR)

    For more detail, visit  https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/special-care-shipments/hazardous-materials/coolants.page

  • How do I ship Dry Ice using USPS?
    Air TransportSurface Transport
    • Packed in containers that permit the release of carbon dioxide gas and conform to 49 CFR 173.217 and 175.10(a)(10)
    • If a fiberboard box is used, enough insulation is necessary to prevent condensation and wetting of the mailing carton
    Parcel may not contain more than 5 pounds of dry iceParcel may contain more than 5 pounds of dry ice
    MarkingParcel must be clearly marked on the address side with name of contents being cooled (e.g. frozen medical specimens, steaks) and net weight of dry ice
    • Parcel must bear a Class 9 DOT miscellaneous hazardous material warning label
    • Must be clearly marked “Carbon Dioxide Solid, UN1845” Or “Dry Ice, UN1845”
    • Parcel must be clearly marked “Surface Only” or “Surface Mail Only”
    • Must be clearly marked “Carbon Dioxide Solid, UN1845” or “Dry Ice, UN1845”
    DocumentationProperly completed shippers declaration for dangerous goods must be prepared in triplicate and affixed to the outside of the parcel

    For more detail, visit  https://pe.usps.com/text/pub52/pub52apxc_029.htm

  • How do I use the Nordic Ice Flex Pack?

    Our Flex gel packs can we used warm or cold.

    Instructions for Cold therapy
    1) Place pack in freezer for at least 2 hours.
    2) Wrap in a dry towel or light cover and apply to the affected area – do not apply directly to skin.
    3) Application should not exceed 20 minutes.
    4) After use, place pack in the freezer for future application.

    Instructions for Warm therapy
    1) Place pack in a towel or light cover. Place in microwave for 10 seconds on medium or 50% power. Re-distribute gel in pack and repeat heating procedure until desired temperature. (not to exceed 150° F.
    2) Remove pack from microwave, and keeping in a towel or light cover, apply to affected area – do not apply directly to skin.
    3) Application should not exceed 20 minutes.

  • How long do your ice packs last?

    There are many variables that influence the performance of an ice pack, including:

    • The type of packaging being used – e.g.  Ice bricks, no sweat ice packs, pallet covers, etc. 
    • The origin and destination of the shipment. 
    • The duration requirements for the package to remain in a specific temperature range. 
    • The minimum and/or maximum temperature requirements throughout the duration of the shipment. 
  • How long does it take to freeze a gel pack?

    The time to freeze gel packs is dependent on the quantity and the type of freezer used. Individual packs can freeze as quickly as a few hours. Pallets quantities can take up to 28 days.  

  • How should I store the pack?

    You can either store our gels/bricks in the freezer or in a cool dry place until ready to use.

  • I’m having an allergic reaction. What do I do?

    While Nordic products are non-toxic, please contact your medical provider for medical advice.  

  • Is the Nordic Ice Drain safe gel pack safe for drains in the US and EU?

    Yes, Nordic Ice Drain Safe gel packs have been tested and are safe for drains in the United States and European Union. Simply cut open the pack, put contents in the drain, and flush with water.

  • Is there a minimum order to purchase from Nordic Cold Chain Solutions?

    To purchase directly from Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, there is a minimum order quantity of $150. This does not include shipping and handling or sales tax.  

  • My child or pet has eaten a gel pack. What should I do?

    While Nordic products are non-toxic, please contact your child / pet’s medical provider for medical advice. 

  • The gel leaked onto my produce/food. Is the food ruined?

    Because Nordic products are non-toxic, the food is still safe to eat. However, we recommend that you rinse off the affected area before eating.  

  • The ice gel pack says it’s drain safe, but I have a septic tank. Can I pour my freezer packs down the drain if I have a septic tank?

    Yes, our Drain Safe™ gel is completely safe in a septic system. 

  • What are Nordic’s gel packs made of?

    The ice gel content in Nordic Ice Gel Packs is made of 99% water. All other components are non-toxic, proprietary ingredients.  

  • What is your lead time for shipping Nordic products?

    In many cases, we can usually process your order within 24 hours depending upon the quantity ordered. However, during the high season, summer months, inventories can run low and we might have to produce your order. Please contact our customer service team for a more detailed estimate on your expected shipping time.   

  • What other items can you provide?

    As a leading cold chain solutions manufacturer, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is proud to offer a variety of cold chain packaging supplies. These include, but are not limited to:  insulated pallet covers and  shippers, Thermal Pouches (both 2D & 3D), insulated shipping coolers and Poly bags for containing products when necessary. 

  • Where can I buy an individual ice gel pack or small case quantities of ice gel packs?

    To purchase an individual ice gel pack or small case quantities of ice gel packs, please visit our distributor partner, Websturant Store. To purchase gel ice packs in bulk, please contact the Nordic Cold Chain Solutions’ customer service or sales team.  

  • Why should I consider No Sweat Gel packs?

    No Sweat Gel packs absorb moisture thus protecting the product being shipped from condensation that can occur during transit.