Our quality products are built upon the foundation of a dedicated and hardworking team. Many employees of Nordic Cold Chain Solutions have been with the company for more than a decade.

Our Mission

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is committed to providing the highest-quality products and services within the cold chain market. From servicing large pharmaceutical and meal kit delivery companies to young startups and independent producers, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions values every partnership and is committed to its customers’ growth.

Along with custom products and services, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions uses its unique position within the industry to help customers with testing, operational improvements and business logistics. Over 90% of Nordic Cold Chain Solutions customers have been with the company for more than five years.

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is also committed to the environment by using the most responsible materials possible, including fully recyclable gel packs, and offering enhancements like water soluble gels for both the meal kit and pharmaceutical industries. To learn more about our responsibility, visit the environment page.


Our Team

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions began more than a decade ago as a family business that wanted to build great products with the best team. Over the years, the team has grown but the commitment to high-quality products has stayed the same.

Today, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has a dedicated team of engineers, product managers, and manufacturers at six different locations around the country so there is always a team for you nearby.

Our Products

Our Products

From gel packs to temperature-controlled packaging, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions creates customized products for each client to meet business objectives.

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Along with custom products, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions partners with each of its clients to provide insights and services for growing and large-scale logistics.

Our Services


The Nordic Cold Chain Solutions Labs are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to improve materials, manufacturing methods and product longevity.

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