What is Ambient Temperature?

What is ambient temperature

If you’ve ever looked into cold chain shipping, you may have heard the term ambient temperature. As opposed to room temperature, which is a range of air temperatures that most people prefer in indoor settings, ambient temperature is specifically the temperature of the air in any particular place as measured by a thermometer. Ambient temperature […]

Cold Chain Logistics Companies

Cold Chain logistics companies

If you’ve ever considered shipping products that require a temperature-controlled setting, then you have considered using cold chain logistics in your business. Cold chain logistics refers to any part of the storing, shipping, or distribution process that requires a temperature-controlled setting. Some businesses are able to maintain ambient temperatures for their products without the use […]

Covid Vaccine and Cold Chain

Covid vaccine and cold chain

For the average person, the idea of shipping something at a subzero temperature seems daunting. However, for cold chain logistics professionals, this is normal. Most vaccines are shipped at a refrigerated temperature, but the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine have more specific needs. The Moderna vaccine must be shipped at a temperature of -20°C, […]

How do I ship a Pallet?

How do I ship a pallet

Shipping large format items may be a good idea for your business if you are shipping high-value cargo or multiple pieces that need to remain together. Pallet shippers may also be a good idea if you want less risk of product damage, require specific storage requirements once the pallet reaches its destination, or if you […]

How to Ship Frozen Food

How to ship frozen food

Whether you are developing a meal delivery business or interested in shipping a family member seasonal desserts, shipping food that needs to be frozen isn’t an easy task. A cold chain logistical solution for products that require below-freezing temperatures can look very different depending on the size and quantity of the shipment. For short-duration travel […]

What is Cold Chain Transport?

What is Cold Chain Transport?

If you’ve ever considered shipping items such as makeup, fresh flowers, or meat products, then you’ll have to dip your toe in the world of cold chain shipping. Cold chain logistics is all about creating a safe storage and transportation process for products that must be temperature controlled. This process is important to make sure […]

What is Cold Chain?

What is Cold Chain?

Cold chain is a logistics process for products that require specific temperatures for preparation, storage, and transport. Common cold chain products are vaccines, meats, and fresh flowers. These products must be kept at an ideal temperature, or they are rendered unusable, leading to wasted product. When these products go bad, the shipper and the business […]