Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is committed to providing quality, cost-effective solutions for your cold chain packaging needs.

Our Story

With more than a decade of service, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions serves the meal kit and pharmaceutical industries with the highest quality temperature-controlled cold chain packaging products and services. Built as a family business, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions partners with each of its clients to create custom solutions that meet and exceed expectations for temperature controlled cold chain packaging and manufacturing.

From high-quality materials to fully-custom solutions, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions has a proven ability to scale with customers unmatched by the rest of the industry. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions delivers more than half a billion products every single year with the highest customer satisfaction.

Featured Products

Nordic Drain Safe™

Nordic Drain Safe™ gel packs are non-toxic, safe for food and pharmaceutical shipments and can be disposed of by simply pouring the contents down a household drain.

Pre-Tested Solutions

Our Pre-Tested Solutions Our pre-tested shipper solutions provide a quick and easy option for pharmaceutical, medical, or food shipping clients to ship their 2-8C refrigerated products within 24-48 hour shipping lanes. Our shipping systems have been tested to meet and exceed ISTA 7E HEAT and/or ISTA 7E COLD temperature profiles. Call us at 866-427-1919 to […]

Conditioning Units

Our Conditioning Units Whether used for pharmaceutical, medical, meal kits, or food applications, our Deep Chill Chambers provide an ideal solution for your rapid freezing and refrigeration needs. With the ability to roll up to any dock door and our affordable lease options, our Deep Chill Chambers provide a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional […]

Introducing: Nordic Drain Safe™ Gel Refrigerant Packs

Nordic Drain Safe™ offers the same performance as Nordic Cold Chain Solutions' traditional gel packs with the added benefit of being 100% safe for disposal in a household drain.

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Our Services


The highest quality materials ensure safe delivery of needed medicine and pharmaceuticals for doctors and patients.

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Meal Kit

Food safe and environmentally-responsible materials make meal kit delivery possible for customers around the country

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With years of experience in the industry, leaders turn to Nordic Cold Chain Solutions for insights and solutions that drive business goals.

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Our engineers at Nordic Cold Chain Solutions Labs test and qualify products for companies across the entire cold chain industry.

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Conditioning Programs

We can deliver gel ice packs at ambient temperature or pre-frozen with our managed, conditioning programs nationwide.

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Through years of strong relationships with partner companies, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions can handle logistics of a growing company.

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Our team of experts will help solve your cold chain needs. Whether you’re interested in our products or services, or have a general question, we’re here for you. Get in touch today or call us at 866-427-1919.

Our commitment to the environment.

From automation to advances in recycling, we’re make impactful changes everyday in the way we make our products and do business.

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Latest News

May 6th, 2019

Nordic Ice Rebrands as Nordic Cold Chain Solutions

As of Spring 2019, Nordic Ice dba Temperature LLC’s marketing materials utilizes the business name Nordic Cold Chain Solutions. The name change better reflects our broad product and service offering to the cold chain market beyond gel refrigerants. An official business name change to Nordic Cold Chain Solutions will be occurring over the next year. […]

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September 6th, 2018

Developing a Drain Safe Solution

For many years customers, distributors and end users of Nordic Ice Gels have asked for alternatives to current disposal methods. Unfortunately, current formulation prohibited most of these avenues. The development of the Nordic Ice Drain Safe™ gels has been years in the making, including partnerships with municipalities, third-party researchers and distributors. In addition to new […]

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